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Ralph Manak       
5605 Jeff Davis Ave #A
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Special Skills

  • Adept at working with and leading groups of people from diverse cultural, socio-economic, and educational backgrounds.
  • Ability to work with groups as facilitator or as a facilitator-participant to identify, clarify, and organize work in a timely and productive manner.
  • Adept at building and supervising functional teams, resolving interpersonal conflicts in ways that enable all members of the team to contribute with creativity and dignity.
  • Ability to relate vision for a project or enterprise with concrete action, and faciliate progress towards stated and emergent goals.



     San Francisco State University

  • MRI Certificate:

Music Recording Industry, January 2000

  • Graduate:

M.A., Secondary Education, 1995
Middle School Certificate, 1991

  • Credentials:

Multiple Subjects, 1990
Science Supplementary, 1991

  • B.A.:

Liberal Studies (Concentration in Humanities), 1990




E d u c a t i o n



Consultation, Facilitation, Program Design and Evaluation
1993 - Present
Independent Consultant

  • Work with groups to set goals, develop action plans, organize work, evaluate progress.
  • Assist organizations undergoing change processes.
  • Plan and facilitate meetings.
  • Coach teachers to improve their practice.
  • Develop curriculum for a range of education or training purposes.
  • Review and evaluate proposals.
  • Write grant proposals.



Evaluate Teacher Candidates
Fall, 2008 - Spring, 2016
EnCorps STEM Teachers Program (http://encorps.org/)

  • Work with EnCorps staff to assess and evaluate teacher candidates.
  • Assist EnCorps staff with development of assessment protocols.



Project Management, Program Development and Evaluation
Dec 1998 - Sept 2000
BaySCAN (Bay Area School-to-Career Action Network), San Jose, CA

  • Coordinate regional networks including teachers, school-to-career agencies and industry professionals.
  • Convene groups to share best practices, develop standards, provide technical assistance, evaluate programs, develop marketing strategies and materials.
  • Lead trainings in work-based learning and other school-to-career strategies.
  • Participate on local education-industry advisory boards.
  • Lead writer for Dept. of Ed. Technology Innovation Challenge Grant and Dept. of Labor Employer Engagement grant proposals. Review proposals for state partnership academy grants.
  • Webmaster for BaySCAN Web site; manage and develop content for the Learning Collaborative Web site.
  • Represent BaySCAN in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings.



Project Management, Curriculum Development, Research
Aug 1993 - Nov 1998
Institute for Research on Learning, Menlo Park, CA  (IRL)

  • Manage Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project: supervise design and production of curriculum materials and Web site, organize and provide technical support and teacher professional development in project-based learning and technology, coordinate with project partners, hire and supervise staff.
  • Collaborate with Middle School Mathematics through Applications Project (MMAP) staff and teachers to develop, pilot, and revise an award-winning, design-based math curriculum. Plan and facilitate teacher professional development activities, including summer institutes, monthly project workdays, and on-line activities.
  • Support community-based activities in PRIMES (a project that engages parents with middle school math), coordinate with project partners, such as KQED, to clarify and make progress on project goals, collaborate with team on development of video programs, and workshop and advocacy materials.
  • Conduct ethnographic research in assessment and teaching practice, collaborate with researchers in data collection and analysis.
  • Design, prototype, and field test video and multimedia materials for teacher professional development, with a focus on assessment.
  • Present IRL research to a variety of audiences, lead workshops in using MMAP and Challenge 2000 MMP curriculum, and in special topics such as planning, assessment, using video as a professional development tool.
  • Collaborate in the preparation of grant proposals, develop partner relations, seek new partners and take a lead in developing potential projects.
  • Provide guidance for public relations and other committees, co-manage design and production of IRL annual report.
  • Represent IRL in corporate, non-profit, and educational settings.



Supervision of Student-Teachers
Aug 1994 - June 1997
Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP)

  • Supervise the field experience of student-teachers of mathematics.
  • Develop methods of using videotape to support the learning of teaching.
  • Conduct presentations and workshops for supervisors about use of video.
  • Mediate conflicts between student-teachers and master-teachers, typically resolving issues towards a more fruitful experience for both parties.
  • Collaborate in the design of alternative assessment systems to more effectively capture, understand, and build on what students are learning.



Sept 1990 - June 1993
Everett Middle School, SFUSD, San Francisco, CA

  • Teach grades 6-8 in single-subject, cored, teamed, and mixed-grade structures; subjects include math, algebra, science, English, social studies, with emphasis on project-based learning.
  • Collaboratively plan, facilitate, and document school improvement efforts.
  • Organize meetings with parent groups; plan and deliver presentations on a variety of topics, including adolescent development, restructuring, math and English curriculum, standardized test preparation.
  • Assist with planning for "Healthy Start" grant proposal and other integration of outside agencies with the school.



C r a f t



Finisher, Cabinetmaker
1979 - Present

  • Design, build, and install furniture and casework for residential and commercial clients.
  • Freelance in on-site repair/finishing of pianos, furniture, cabinetry.
  • Manage finishing departments of cabinet shops. Develop finishes to meet architectural specification, custom finishes, specialize in color-matching.
  • Supervise quality control, train others in quality control processes.
  • Install residential and commercial cabinetry/casework, including the installation of bank teller-lines, school and medical-center casework. Solve spec/site-conflict problems, reducing costs for contractors and clients.
  • Source and purchase materials for all phases of manufacture in a timely, cost-effective manner.



M u s i c



Musician, Composer, Producer
1977 - Present

  • Multi-instrumentalist (bass, piano, keyboards, French horn, fluglehorn, percussion).
  • Perform in a variety of ensembles and genres.
  • Arrange scores for theater.
  • Direct stage orchestras.
  • Design and build sets, props, lighting; act as stage manager.
  • Assist with studio recording production and post-production.
  • Engineer live sound reinforcement.
  • Volunteer bassist with band at Palo Alto, CA CA.
  • Intern, Music Annex (Aug-Oct, 1998).


Conference Presentations

  • "Stories from the Field: Student Voice in School-to-Career," Autodesk PBL Conference, San Francisco, 3/31/00.
  • "BaySCAN: The Power of Connecting Local School-to-Career Partnerships," ACSA/CCSECSA School-to-Career Academy, July 23, 1999.
  • "Linking Project-Based Learning and School-to-Career," Autodesk PBL Conference, San Francisco, 3/6/99.
  • "School Assessment is Work: Teachers' Assessment Practices," AAA Conference, San Francisco, 11/22/96.
  • "Participatory Research as a Model for Designing Classroom Assessments," AERA Conference, New York, 4/11/96.
  • "Restructuring the Governance System at a Middle School: Getting Everybody in the Loop," Middle School Saturday, sponsored by SFUSD, CLMS, SFSU, Potrero Hill Middle School, 4/24/93.


Areas of Interest

Humanities and arts; woodworking; music composition, production and performance; learning, teaching, and education; community service; writing; photography; slow food.

References available upon request.